Our Cyber Security Awareness Training (C SAT) covers the following topics:

  1.  Redefine Awareness and Security Awareness
  2.  Security Concept Revision / Technical Briefing
  3.  Thirty-six Common Threats / Concepts
  4.  BYOD in Digital Security
  5.  Security Maturity Model
  6.  Digital Security Awareness during Pandemic and Post-pandemic
  7.  CBT Tools for Behavior Changing
  8.  Security Threats & Risks Findings and Its Anticipated Trend
  9.  Security Risks / Threats and Human Behavior
  10.  Privacy Compliance in Hong Kong Briefing
  11.  Hong Kong Cases Study
  12.  Diving into the ABC (Awareness Behavior Culture)
  13.  New Model of Digital Security (Redefining the Approach of Cybersecurity)