We do all kind of I.T. Projects, including but not limited to e-Commerce, ERP, Mobile Apps Development and Software Development. Recently, we are also selling network appliances, please find out more here. Project is an one-off implementation, after it has been completed, a set of related, on-going and day-to-day operations require to be carried out. BELEARNING provides I.T. outsourcing service for this kind of I.T. operations.
Lastly, WordPress web site development and hosting services are new services provided to fulfill the industry demand.

We have a remarkable option to carry out every project, namely, Project Team Formation. That is to form a project team not only for the Project but also for the client in the mid to long run.
Features of this model: (i) the team belongs to the client; (ii) BelEarning acts as the Project Manager; (iii) the team is recruited, formed and managed by BelEarning; (iv) after Project completion, the team may be dismissed or kept.

Benefits: (a) the project progress is transparent; (b) client does have a great control on the project and staffing; (c) the developed system [the project output] will be maintained by the development team directly and internally.

Our I.T. related services, we specialize in:

I.T. Outsourcing is mainly for your day-to-day operations and maintenance for software, networks and hardware.
Project Team Formation assists clients to build up a project team that can also be kept for long term.

We do all kinds of I.T. Projects, including but not limited to e-Commerce, network building (cabling & wireless) with firewall installation, Mobile Apps Development, ERP, network appliances and Software Development.