By our services, your company’s Microsoft 365 data will be protected from the risks caused by:

1. Accidental deletion issues
2. Retention policy issues
3. Insider security threats
4. External security threats
5. Migration from premises-based MS Office
6. Legal and compliance issues

Price starts from HKD85 per month.

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You’re responsible for maintaining and protecting the data you store in Microsoft 365 on Azure, not Microsoft. Therefore, you have to make backup for all your data. “Backup and Recovery Strategy” must be implemented with a third-party solution. BELEARNING is your right choice.
Our “Easy-to-use and Secure C2C Backup & Recovery Solutions” suit your business’s strategy and needs. You will have full control on your Microsoft data (including M365) and Azure resources via our backup solutions.

Key Features of our services to protect your M365 data:
1. One solution for total data protection;
2. Reliable backup & fast recovery with our smart solution;
3. Time & costs saving with intuitive interface;
4. Protect new M365 users, groups & sites automatically;
5. Protect data with encryption;
6. Powerful and user-friendly status monitoring;
7. Benefit from MFA support.

(Price is only for reference, official offer will be confirmed by our quotation.)