What WordPress (WP) does, we sever :

1. Website Design, Development & Customization
2. Online Shop Development
3. Blogging Platform Development
4. 3rd-party Integration (e.g. WP with ERP)
5. Maintenance Services
6. Operation Services (e.g. Content Updating)
7. Migration and Upgradation
8. Hosting
9. All-round WordPress Solutions
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As the world’s most popular website builder (of course including Hong Kong), WordPress provides you the right place to start. So, how popular is the WordPress? Statistically speaking, 41% of the web is built on WordPress.

WordPress 網店開發

It lets you build a site, sell you stuff, start a blog and many more. WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, e-shop, blog, or app.

According to its official web site, there are 18 prominent features including the following, namely, Simplicity, Flexibility, Compliance with W3C, Extend with Plugins, Search Engine Optimized and Easy Installation & Upgrades. Please click here for the full list of those 18 features.

WordPress 網站設計 開發 設定

In the WordPress Ecosystem, there are tons of themes and plugins available while the WP can be free download here.

It’s easy to find “how-to” for helping you to do the implementation from scratch. DIY? In-house with a small team? or outsourcing it? How about operations & maintenance? Or just several tens of thousands of HKD investment, you can own and enjoy a WordPress website.


WordPress DIY 免費網站設計 開發 設定