We are distinguished, most probably unique, because:

  • All of our services and projects delivered are complying with widely adopted and proven methodologies or frameworks, such as OKR and KPI.

  • Our blended solution and services realize the perfect combination of knowledge & theories, industry’s experience and practical practices. As a result, it makes our clients having an immense benefit.

  • We originated in Hong Kong, 100% Hong Kong style. Our founders and core staff members are Hongkonger. We were brewed by Chinese traditional wisdom, educated and grew up in an eastern and western fused environment – Hong Kong, a special city of China under “one country two systems”.

  • Last but not the least, tertiary education of our core members gained from international institutions, including U.S. and Australia.

  • Our business exposures include Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, Malaysia, China, Australia and Thailand.

  • Since mid of ’80s, we keep our philosophy, core value, code of conduct and general practice intact until now and for the future.

  • BELEARNING is primarily a peripatetic business body.