We walk along with our clients for their business growth by our Training, Consultancy and Project Execution. All of our services and projects delivered are complying with widely adopted and proven methodologies or frameworks, including but not limited to OKR and KPI. We also deliver OKR and KPI related courses and providing such kind of consultancy service.

A.I. Transformation

The use of “A.I. – Artificial Intelligence” is increasing common in various aspects, such as movies, online shopping, customer service or even business transactions. This technology is subverting our business ecosystem gradually as well as affecting in almost every aspect of organizations and industries unwittingly.
Employing A.I. allows you to grasp opportunities for your organization while opening a world of opportunities, in terms of ROI. Regardless of your company’s size, A.I. can bring endless possibilities.
The largest myth for A.I. is, installed and go. Absolutely NOT! It needs a lot of management efforts & involvements, including but not limited to strategic planning, operations management / re-scheduling, organizational restructuring, so on and so forth. The weight of management and technology should be balanced.

Training & Consultancy

We redefine Training, it is not just training. In our Transformation Model, which consists of Training and Consultancy, training kicks the ball rolling.
Training delivers concepts and knowledge with hands-on practices. The courses modes can be classroom, on-site or online. We highly recommend blending different modes for superber result.

Consultancy, after acquiring concepts and knowledge from Training, our all-round consultancy services are in place to toughen the company for facing coming challenges. Our consultancy services include, but not limited to, digital transformation, I.T. management, e-marketing, business development and general management. Cooperation modes are usually in project base, man-day base or even hybrid working closely with clients’ staffs along way. If necessary or upon request, we will also provide “representative service” that on behalf of the client to deal with third parties externally.

I.T. Projects

We do all kind of I.T. Projects, including but not limited to e-Commerce, Mobile Apps Development and Software Development. Project is an one-off implementation, after it has been completed, a set of related, on-going and day-to-day operations require to be carried out. BELEARNING provides I.T. outsourcing service for this kind of I.T. operations. Lastly, WordPress web site development and hosting services are new services provided to fulfill the industry demand.
We have a remarkable option to carry out every project, namely, Project Team Formation. That is to form a project team not only for the Project but also for the client in the mid to long run.
Features of this model: (i) the team belongs to the client; (ii) BelEarning acts as the Project Manager; (iii) the team is recruited, formed and managed by BelEarning; (iv) after Project completion, the team may be dismissed or kept.
Benefits: (a) the project progress is transparent; (b) client does have a great control on the project and staffing; (c) the developed system [the project output] will be maintained by the development team directly and internally.

Cloud Productivity Solutions

Why Cloud? Today, you should ask “why not cloud?”. There are some unarguable benefits for bringing this revolutionizing businesses and operations technology into your company. Cost-effectiveness, scalability and flexibility are three most notable advantages. However, many are still threatened by this technology framework because of misunderstanding that needs to be clarified.
The most effective way to clear this misunderstanding is try it out with the most popular and familiar application, productivity software. No doubt that MS Office is the most widely used productivity software suite globally. Nowadays, most of the Microsoft productivity products / solutions have been being clouded for many years, they used to be called Office 365 and is now Microsoft 365. In a sense, it is a Productivity Cloud. Let’s help you to find out how your company achieve more with innovative Office apps.
Bel Earning also provides Cloud / On-premise Integration Services to simplify and smoothen the transition and/or migration activities.