Is backup needed for O365?
Hey! Does Microsoft do all works for me once subscription is done?
Unfortunately, NO!
In a SaaS solution like Office 365, Microsoft is responsible for maintaining the global infrastructure to keep its services running. You, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining and protecting the data you store in Office 365. This mechanism can be rooted in the “Shared Responsibility Model”.
Microsoft does create replicas of your data that lives in Microsoft’s infrastructure. Those replicas achieve redundancy and minimize downtime of its cloud services. As a subscriber, NO RIGHT to access those replicas nor own them, even when you encounter problem and want to restore your data from those replicas.
Therefore, you have to make backup of all your data and keep them in a separate safe place.
In conclusion, “Backup and Recovery Strategy” must be implemented with a third-party solution. Contact us to work it out.

(This post is inspired by an e-book called “Office 365 Backup for dummies”, credit to Jennifer Reed; couple pieces of information were quoted directly.)