How does WhatsApp New Privacy Policy affect you? Have you fled to Signal? I have been asked many times what should be done next? My answer is “wait, see and react”. Right after my answer, Signal was DOWN as dealing with influx of new users.
By my decades’ experience in I.T. industry, similar cases have been happening quite often for years. But this case affects a lot of people (users), at workplace and personal life, regardless of different classes and industries. That’s why it rocks the world.
So, need to know more. First, categorize it. Privacy? I.T.? Business? Administration? Monopoly? ALL of them, even may be more. It’s complicated that needs more space to explain, like how to tackle this issue, in the next post. Stay tune. Thanks.

WhatsApp 更新私隱條款對你有什麼影響? 已轉移陣地到 Signal了嗎? 最近我常被問到相關問題及應該怎麼辦? 我的答案是”謀定而後動” (睇定D先). 言猶在耳, Signal 因伺服器不勝負荷而”死機”.
憑藉多年相關經驗, 相類的事件其實都頻繁地發生; 但因這次是對世界各地的不同階層和行業的用家, 有切身及日常工作上的影響. 所以令全球震盪.
首先, 先多了解. 這類事情應怎歸類呢? I.T.? 私隱? 商業? 行政? 壟斷? 全都是. 可能還有的呵! 夠複雜吧! 那怎樣做? 欲知後事如何, 請看下回分解. 謝!