Have you started to transform? I mean digital transformation. Maybe yes, how about transformation with A.I.?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions and millions companies have found that they are forced not only to re-think their daily operations but also business strategies. A.I. transformation, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence to enhance an organization’s processes and it is vital for enterprises’ growth in the digital era, must be on the top of their recipe.

In a session of IBM Think 2020 conference (held virtually), Mr. Aaron Levie (CEO, chairman and coo-founder of BOX) had mentioned that “the difference between successful and unsuccessful enterprises won’t necessarily be about money or size, but instead about whether the company has undergone a digital transformation or not.” To BELEARNING, A.I. Transformation must be in place indeed.

In 2019, a professional research firm, Gartner found that the % of companies using A.I. increased by 270% over the previous four years.

Lastly, a question for you: When should you start the A.I. Transformation? My Answer is YESTERDAY.

(This post is inspired by an article by Mr. Mark Labbe, credit to Mark; couple pieces of information were quoted directly.)